Provision and representation of legal aid in the Constitutional Court

Specialists at the Atlācis un Partneri sworn advocate firm offer legal assistance or representation in drafting applications, reply statements and other procedural documents for the Constitutional Court.

If the case is reviewed through open court hearings, our firm’s specialists can represent the client during them, stating the actual circumstances of the case and providing their legal assessments and reasoning.

Why competent legal assistance is critical when filing action in the Constitutional Court

Constitutional legal proceedings, initiated because a law or regulation possibly infringes on the rights set in the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, are unusual and complex.

Furthermore, the Constitutional Court Law defines specific entities that may submit lawsuit applications to the Constitutional Court, as well as special prerequisites and conditions enabling the submission of such an application. It must be taken into account that in deciding on whether to accept the application and to open the court proceedings, the Constitutional Court reviews the legal arguments provided in the application, and assesses them in a very critical manner, meaning that the court often rejects such applications. There is thus hardly any doubt as to the necessity of professional legal assistance in ensuring that the Constitutional Court proceedings are initiated, and the matter leads to a positive outcome for the client.