We celebrate anniversaries of the establishment of the institution of advocacy in Latvia every year, and this year is going to be a special one with its 100-year anniversary.

The work does not stop! Quite to the contrary: we, sworn advocate firm Atlācis un Partneri, keep adapting to changing conditions and accept new challenges.

To celebrate this anniversary, Atlācis un Partneri will provide free legal consultations for private individuals in various fields of activity, such as property law, answering questions on how to properly arrange property rights (filing unregistered cadastral objects in the Land Register etc.).

We provide consultations for natural individual insolvency cases, providing advice on the criteria for invoking insolvency, and the documents necessary to initiate the proceedings, etc., and in other fields that the firm specialises in.

Sworn advocates Edgars Atlācis, Inese Ķikute and Artis Dāvidnieks have taken the task of performing this work pro-bono.

Practice shows that timely high-quality legal assistance will result in an outcome that is positive for you. So do not miss this opportunity.

The consultations will be provided between 15 March 2021 and 19 March 2021.

Please apply for the consultations by 12 March 2021, by e-mailing us at info@eabirojs.lv.

See you soon!