Public-private partnership

A public and private partnership involves cooperation between the public and the private sector that is characterised by the following:

  • the cooperation takes place between one or multiple public partners and one or multiple private partners involved in the public and private partnership procedure;
  • the cooperation takes place in order to meet the public needs in executing construction works or providing services;
  • it is a long-term co-operation lasting up to 30 years, but in the cases laid down in law – even longer;
  • the public and the private partner combine and jointly use the resources available to them (e.g. property, funding, knowledge and experience);
  • the public and the private partner assume joint liability and risks.
Experience in the field of public-private partnership

Experience in the field of public and private partnerships

Successful partnerships come out of close and honest collaboration. We have always been open and ready to deliver the best-possible solutions to our clients.