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Property law is a very extensive field of civil law

Property law is an extensive field of civil law, and within it, Atlācis un Partneri specialists most commonly provide assistance to clients who seek to register their ownership over buildings acquired as part of privatisation or other methods, or to establish or terminate easements.

Building ownership registration

The Civil Law prescribes the principle of unity of land and buildings; however, it is common that various legal or practical circumstances (e.g. lack of evidence about the transfer of building ownership during the privatisation of a kolkhoz) prevent the owner of the land to register their ownership over the buildings on that land in the Land Register. The solution in these cases is filing legal action in court, requesting that the ownership rights over the buildings be recognised via a court ruling.

The specialists at Atlācis un Partneri have extensive experience handling these problems, helping land owners put their affairs associated with building ownership rights in order, and upholding the principle of unity of land and buildings in practice.

Establishing and terminating easements

The value of a property and the ability to use it often directly depend on the ability to freely access the property, and the necessary utilities. The most common problems that people who seek the help of our specialists face include difficulty accessing their property, or their property being encumbered without justification to the benefit of another property.

Our firm’s specialists have been successful in handling matters associated with the establishment of easements both extrajudicially, and in court. We have also successfully represented clients in amending or terminating historical easements, eliminating encumbrances that were registered as part of our clients’ properties during the land reform.

We specialise in the following fields and areas of property law

  • Building ownership registration
  • Establishing and terminating easements
  • Resolution of disputes among joint owners
  • Registration of the right to develop
  • Establishing and terminating joint ownership
  • Establishing and terminating the property use procedure

Extensive experience and 100% success in building property rights recovery cases

In all situations when our firm’s advocates took cases, they have been able to achieve a court ruling that is positive for the client.

Requirement regarding the establishment of a roadway easement

Lawsuit for the establishment of a road easement

A court ruling established an easement for a road leading to the plaintiff’s real property within the land of adjacent real properties, setting the scope of the road easement based on the draft plan for the road easement submitted as part of the lawsuit.