Liability rights

We can prepare the documents necessary for various legal transactions: purchase, loan, donation, lease, and other agreements, as necessary.

We also coordinate these documents between the parties; if necessary and requested by the client, our specialists can participate in negotiations and correspondence with the other party or its representatives, in order to represent the client’s interests.

Before assuming any obligations

One of our specialists’ objectives is to provide our clients with legal assistance before they take on any obligations, in order to protect them as much as possible from possible misunderstandings interpreting the obligations arising from the transactions, or from baseless claims of the other party.

Getting high-quality legal assistance in time can make it possible for clients to increase their prospects of achieving a desired result, preventing potential risks and expect the successful and quick resolution of disputes.

Disputes in obligations law

If there is a dispute that the parties cannot resolve extrajudicially, our firm’s specialists can provide all legal support necessary as part of the court proceedings, including the preparation of lawsuit applications, clarifying statements, participation in court hearings, advice in obtaining the necessary evidence, and other matters associated with the court proceedings.

The specialists of Atlācis un Partneri have extensive experience representing their clients in cases related to the breach of contractual obligations, duty to pay damages, and claims arising from prohibited activities.

Custom approach to every client and situation

Our specialists have accumulated years of diverse experience handling the matters of commercial law, and having reviewed the situation and dispute in question, they will be happy to provide their assessment and experience-based advice to solve the problem.