Company liquidation

Termination of business does not always equal failure. Liquidating a company can make it possible to direct resources towards other fields of activity and find new opportunities. Furthermore, the presence of effectively inactive companies in public registers can create a false impression of the actual business of the company and its owners.

If you have an inactive company, we recommend liquidating it, to help keep the business environment in good order.
Our firm’s specialists have extensive experience in liquidating different types of companies and handling legal matters concerning winding companies down.

We provide assistance in liquidating the following types of companies

  • SIA (limited company)
  • AS (joint-stock company)
  • ZS (farming enterprise)
  • IK (individual merchant)
  • Micro-enterprise taxpayer
  • Partnership
  • Association
  • Non-profit organisation

New opportunities arise when you put a period in your business activities in good order, and leave it behind you.

‘Even though the decision to liquidate a company can initially be difficult, professionally done, it can become a starting point for new achievements in the long run.’