Labour law

The specialists of the sworn advocate firm Atlācis un Partneri has had extensive experience consulting their clients on various matters associated with labour law, successfully representing both employees and employers.

So far in the field of labour law, the firm’s specialists have worked with municipal governments, representing them in disputes with former employees, and handling lawsuits filed against municipal governments claiming illegal termination of employment, unpaid wages and compensation of non-pecuniary damage.

Preparation of documents

The specialists at our firm will prepare all documents necessary for legally hiring and dismissing an employee, as well as other documents regulating the working procedure and useful as part of employment (employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements, internal work regulations, guidelines, orders, decisions, requests for explanations, termination notices etc.).

Labour disputes

In the event of a labour dispute, our firm’s specialists will be able to provide all the legal assistance necessary for resolving the dispute out of court, and in representing the client in court, including the preparation of lawsuit applications, provision of explanations, participation in court hearings, support and advice in obtaining the necessary evidence. Getting high-quality legal assistance in time can make it possible for clients to increase their prospects of achieving a desired result, preventing potential risks and expecting a successful and quick resolution of disputes.

Requirement for the invalidation of an employer's notice

Lawsuit for recognising the invalidity of an employment termination

We have been able to successfully help both employees and employers. It is important that legal assistance takes place in time.