Insurance rights

The firm’s attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in handling situations associated with insurance law, including the provision of legal assistance to policyholders during the conclusion, approval and fulfilment of insurance contracts, advising them on the insured risks and events, payment of insurance proceeds and other related matters.

The firm has also represented insured parties in negotiations with insurers, as part of extrajudicial resolutions of disputes, and in court proceedings, successfully representing the interests of its clients in civil cases involving the payment of insurance proceeds and the fulfilment of an insurance contract.

Out-of-court settlement of the dispute with the insurer

Out-of-court resolution of a dispute with an insurer

When signing an agreement with an insurance company, people often look at risks based on their current situation, which can change in the long run, and it is critical to know in advance what the consequences of negative changes may be, in order to start looking for solutions early.