Inheritance rights

Inheritance law is one of the main fields of activity for sworn notaries; however, significant disagreements among heirs can make the involvement of advocates almost unavoidable. Timely legal assistance makes it possible for heirs to protect their rights in disputes with other heirs, and to assess the legal consequences of accepting an inheritance, if it includes significant claims by creditors.

While we fully trust the notarial system and the professionalism of sworn notaries, situations can occur, in which the client wants a consultation by an advocate, in order to determine their rights and duties in handling actual or potential inheritance cases. Having practised inheritance law for a long time, our firm has supported the interests of clients, later working on specific matters as part of inheritance cases managed by sworn notaries.

Our approach to inheritance law in the event of disputes

For situations when heirs cannot agree on the division of the inheritance, or other affairs associated with inheritance law, and the matter must be resolved in court, Atlācis un Partneri offers the representation of its clients’ interests in court, resolving the dispute in the adversarial manner typical of civil proceedings.

The resolution of inheritance disputes requires our firm’s specialists to go into the fine details of the family history of the person who has left the inheritance, as well as of other aspects specific to this topic, e.g. the actions of the heir immediately after the announcement of the inheritance, and other matters.

Our primary goal is achieving an amicable resolution to the dispute

Our advocates have always striven to improve the legal standing of their clients, and to resolve any disputes with other heirs out of court.

Recognition of inheritance rights and recognition of property rights on immovable property

Recognition of inheritance rights, and recognition of ownership over real property

The firm was contacted by a client, against which a lawsuit was filed for the recognition of inheritance rights, and recognition of ownership over real property. The case was reviewed on three judicial levels, and with our firm’s legal assistance, the client was able to preserve their ownership over the entire inheritance left by their late father.