Construction rights

Construction law has been one of the fields of activity for the firm since its founding in 2008. Its specialists have provided legal assistance to construction owners in disputes with building contractors, and vice versa, to building contractors in disputes with construction owners, subcontractors and main contractors.

Our specialists are particularly experienced in working with the standard contracts developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)/FIDIC terms and conditions. As part of drafting pre-contract FIDIC special terms and conditions, and resolving practical disputes between contractual parties our firm’s specialists have conducted an extensive analysis of the interpretations of FIDIC contracts, and a study of various problems.

They have accumulated much experience working on FIDIC terms and conditions, which can be used in providing our clients with legal assistance resolving important matters.

‘Secure foundations ensure stability in every building; hiring a high-quality legal assistance provider ensures success in the process of construction.’