Banking and financial rights

Whenever you take credit obligations or engage in any other important transactions with a credit institution, we recommend letting a qualified specialist inspect the provisions of the contract. Our firm’s specialists will help you understand the nature of the agreement, the obligations that you accept, and the possible future risks.

As you know, ignorance of terms, procedures, laws and regulations is not an excuse, and knowing and understanding the obligations that you undertake is a good idea.

The advice of our specialists will help you make better decisions, including in situations of financial distress and the need to contact the creditor with a proposal for judicial protection, or other postponement of obligations. Professional, experience-based advice can be decisive in conducting negotiations.

Insolvency proceedings

Our specialists are prepared to participate in the resolution of legal affairs as part of insolvency proceedings for natural individuals and legal entities if the credit institution takes up a big proportion of the creditor claims for that natural or legal person.

Action against a private individual to cover the company's liabilities of nearly EUR 1 million

Lawsuit against a private individual, with a claim to cover almost 1 million euros in company liability

When signing an agreement with a financial institution, people often look at risks based on their current situation, which can change in the long run, and it is critical to know in advance what the consequences of negative changes may be, in order to start looking for solutions early.