Housing rights and management rights

Our specialists help resolve matters related to the management of residential buildings, procedures to determine the utility fees, decision-making by flat owner associations, enforcement of lease and other issues associated with apartment and building management law.

Establishing a compulsory lease

There are currently many discussions about the issue of split ownership, whereby the land under a flat block belongs not to the owners of the flats, but to a third party, and it is necessary to resolve the matter of establishing a compulsory lease, agreeing on the lease period, the area leased, as well as other important and integral components of the lease agreement.

Our firm’s specialists have been successful in handling a number of disputes on the compulsory lease of land extrajudicially, and in representing their clients in court.

Disputes between building managers and utility service providers

Over the years of their practice, our specialists have provided legal assistance to flat owners, both individually and collectively, disputing unfounded decisions by flat owner associations, and to residential building managers and utility service providers in disputes for the collection of arrears and the amounts owed.

Disputes between flat owners and tenants

Lease law is one of the fields of apartment law, and it is an important matter for many apartment owners and tenants. During our practice, we have provided legal assistance to owners of residential premises in their disputes with tenants related to the eviction and collection of arrears, and to tenants disputing unjustified actions and demands by flat owners.

We specialise in the following matters associated with apartment law and building management law

  • procedure for setting utility fees,
  • adoption of flat owner association decisions on related matters,
  • establishing a compulsory lease,
  • disputing unjustified decisions by flat owner associations,
  • debt collection disputes,
  • landlord and tenant disputes.
Unjustified decision by the community of apartment owners

Unjustified decision by a flat owner association

Our experience shows that seeking legal assistance early in a situation with an unjustified decision by a flat owner association considerably increases the likelihood of changing the situation, because if professional legal assistance comes late, positive resolution of the matter may not be possible due to the statute of limitation.