Administrative rights, including rights of administrative irregularities

Our firm’s specialists have diverse practical experience working in administrative law, and in handling administrative offence cases, which most commonly involve possible violations of the laws and regulations governing environmental protection and taxation.

Administrative law

Administrative law is a field of law that covers the institutional system of the government, the activities of national and municipal agencies in fulfilling the governance functions assigned to them in laws and regulations, as well as the interactions between public entities and private ones (both individuals and legal entities).

Our firm’s specialists have extensive and diverse practical experience in administrative law, providing experience both to private and to public entities. Based on the task assigned by the client, and the amount of authorisation granted, the specialists at Atlācis un Partneri provide the client with legal assistance or representation in national and municipal government bodies, courts, providing legal advice, if necessary, preparing documents, participating in hearings and conducting negotiations.

Administrative offence cases

The specialists at Atlācis un Partneri will provide defence and representation in the agency processing the administrative offence and in court. The activities of our firm’s specialists in this field are most commonly associated with administrative offence cases opened due to violations of the laws governing environmental protection and taxes; nevertheless, having reviewed the matters brought up by the client and assessed the nature of the case and the violation in question, our firm’s attorney specialising in this field will be able to provide legal assistance in areas that go beyond environmental protection and tax.

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Even though in theory, administrative proceedings are intended as a tool for upholding the rights of private individuals, in practice, it is not uncommon to see that the full use of one’s rights is directly correlated to obtaining high-quality legal assistance. We recommend seeking legal assistance before resolving any matter that is important to you.