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Unjustified decision by the community of apartment owners

Unjustified decision by a flat owner association

Our experience shows that seeking legal assistance early in a situation with an unjustified decision by a flat owner association considerably increases the likelihood of changing the situation, because if professional legal assistance comes late, positive resolution of the matter may not be possible due to the statute of limitation.

Client's story

The firm provided legal assistance to flat owners that filed a lawsuit against other flat owners for an unjustified flat owner association decision, in which they set an approach to the distribution of heating fees among the flat owners that was in violation of laws and regulations.


With legal assistance, the court cancelled the illegal decision of the flat owner association, thus completely changing a situation that was initially unfavourable to the clients, because they would have otherwise had to pay more for heating than other flat owners who, in their flats, calibrated their heat regulators based on unreasonable requirements set by the building manager.