Environmental Law is tour firm’s core area of specialisation. In this area, our attorneys have extensive experience in advising clients on various strategic and everyday issues, thus representing the interests of clients in the process of drafting laws and regulations in the Cabinet of Ministers and the Saeima.

A representative of our bureau actively participates in the activities of the Latvian Waste Management Association, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Latvian Employers' Confederation, thereby ensuring the representation of the interests of our clients in non-governmental organizations.

Our main specialization is advising clients on issues related to waste management, but our attorneys are also qualified to help on a number of other issues related to environmental law.

Environmental law is closely related to other areas of law, so we recommend you pay attention to the following areas of law wherein we also offer our assistance.

In the field of public procurement, our attorneys have gained extensive experience in developing various procurement documents for customers in representing bidders in disputes with other customers, other bidders or the Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

A representative of our bureau participates in the Advisory Council of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and cooperates with both the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and various industry associations to improve legal regulation.

We provide advice on acquisition or merger of companies in terms of competition law, as well as issues of unfair competition. We provide representation for our clients in the Competition Council.

In the field of commercial law, we offer a wide range of legal assistance:

  • developing company incorporation documents;
  • advising on creating and optimizing the management structures of the company;
  • representing the interests of members and shareholders of the company;
  • advising the management bodies of the company on the legal regulation of their activities;
  • conducting in-depth legal study of the company;
  • providing advice in the process of acquisition, merger or division of companies, developing legal documents to support these processes.

Our firm provides full support for the successful implementation of the insolvency process of natural and legal entities, as well as the legal protection of legal entities.

Our attorneys represent the interests of creditors, debtors, members, shareholders, company managers and other interested parties in company insolvency and winding up processes, both in courts and at creditor meetings.

Our attorneys represent the interests of both builders and customers. We conduct a legal study of the land lots to build up, an assessment of the conformity of the planned construction with the building regulations issued by the municipality, prepare design, construction supervision, authorship supervision and construction contracts, and represent the interests of the clients in negotiations. In disputable situations, we represent the interests of clients both in the search for pre-trial decisions and in courts.

Our attorneys in the field of finance law represent the interests of bank customers in solving various issues. We offer our clients advice on leasing, mortgage loans, business loans, asset acquisition and debt refinancing.

We ensure the representation of clients' interests in negotiations with credit institutions in connection with the aspects of various loan transactions, and with solving any issues on the enforcement of loans.

Our attorneys represent clients' interests in relations with insurers, when it is necessary to assess the compliance of the draft insurance contract and insurance provisions with the interests of the client.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients in civil proceedings in all the court bodies and arbitration courts of the Republic of Latvia. Our experience in civil cases heard in courts covers a wide range of civil and commercial law issues, including property disputes, collection of debts, inheritance law, etc.

We also provide legal assistance in the execution of court decisions in cooperation with bailiffs. In cooperation with our colleagues in other countries, we help our clients to represent their interests in legal proceedings abroad, and we also execute the decisions of Latvian courts abroad..

Our attorneys actively participate in representation of clients in administrative proceedings in public administration institutions, as well as in administrative courts.

In the field of administrative proceedings, we offer a wide range of legal assistance, from researching clients' problems and providing opinions on possible solutions to preparing procedural documents and representing clients throughout the entire administrative proceedings.

In the field of civil law, we provide our clients with advice and solutions for all legal issues relating to their business activities.

Our experience in this area covers legal services for companies operating in various sectors, including production, construction, real estate, trade and investment.

We also prepare all the necessary contracts to ensure the activities of clients, and represent the interests of clients in negotiations.

The firm’s attorneys have considerable experience in providing legal assistance in real estate transactions, including buying, selling, renting, lending, managing, mortgage lending and construction. We carry out legal research of the property, develop and edit contracts and other documents necessary for completing transactions, and registration of transactions in the Land Register.

We advise clients on issues of labour law, draft collective and employment contracts, internal labour regulations, instructions, orders, decisions, requests for explanations, documents on termination of employment, etc. We resolve labour disputes both out of court and in court.

Our attorneys have accumulated valuable long-term experience in the field of inheritance law:

  • assessment of the situation taking into account the client's position and available information on inheritance by law, contract or will;
  • preparation of procedural documents - statements of claim, applications, complaints against decisions, appeals and cassation complaints, requests for expert examination with questions to experts, etc.;
  • representation in court.