Cooperative partners

While cooperate with leaders of industries, at the same time the client's position in the market or their financial standing has never been the basis for choosing cooperation. Therefore, we always carefully delve into the specific situation of each client and offer a mutually acceptable form of cooperation.

Our firm’s most significant partners include “ZAAO” Ltd., “Getlini ECO” Ltd. and “Valpro” Ltd.

Customer reviews

We express our gratitude to sworn lawyer Edgars Atlacis and his team for the work done and the legal assistance provided. “Valpro” Ltd. has been cooperating with "Atlacis un Partneri" since 2006. In the opinion of “Valpro” Ltd. the cooperation is very good.


“Getlini ECO” Ltd. expresses its gratitude to "Atlacis un Partneri" for providing legal assistance in solving various legal issues, in particular in connection with the environmental law. The firm is professional, reliable and punctual. The firm has repeatedly helped us to make decisions which are correct, legitimate and relevant to our interests. We plan to keep using the services of "Atlacis un Partneri".

SIA "Getliņi EKO"

“ZAAO” Ltd. has been closely cooperating with sworn attorney Edgars Atlacis since 2005 in dealing with both day-to-day legal issues and strategic issues, as well as in court proceedings. We highly appreciate the quality of the services provided by the firm and the culture of customer service, which includes the prompt provision of services and an individual approach to each situation and problematic issue.


We wholeheartedly recommend the services of "Atlacis un Partneri". The firm’s team is competent and professional, the services are provided qualitatively, accurately, in an organized and reliable manner. "Dizozols" Ltd. expresses gratitude for our successful cooperation.

SIA "Dizozols"